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My Coaching Services

A better you is only a change away. Why not be the change you've been waiting for?

Mannell Coaching Solutions

Mannell Coaching Solutions provides Counselling and Personal Life Coaching services to people who are tired of feeling the overwhelm that anxiety and stress create. I show how to make lasting, positive changes to become healthier, happier and more successful.

I help take people from waiting for some kind of change in their life to being the change they've been waiting for. I do this by providing strategies that help them to take control of their stress, shift their mindset and challenge habitual ways of thinking, feeling and doing that aren't working any more.

My promise to you: When you're ready to break through barriers to the happiness you deserve, things will be better. I will help you make this happen.

Values & Mission

Founded in 2012, Mannell Coaching Solutions' Values are Integrity, Respect, Caring & Professionalism.

My Mission is to provide the highest quality and professionally competent life and personal development coaching that exceeds clients' expectations and exponentially advances their personal sense of success, health and wellbeing.


My approach is thoughtful, empowering and collaborative. By asking insightful questions that really get at what you want, and by incorporating useful tools and strategies, my coaching helps you move step by step toward your goals and I support you all along the way. 

Here's what you'll get:

  • Uninterrupted attention on you at all times

  • Judgment-free listening

  • Someone who believes in you and knows you'll achieve your goals

  • Tools and strategies you can use right away

  • Action plans that make sense and get results

Steps to Success

Here's what we'll do together:


  • Define your vision for success

  • Uncover what holds you back

  • Overcome barriers to success

  • Diminish anxiety triggers and manage stress better

  • Shift negative beliefs and expose your powerful self

  • Determine small steps you'll take to achieve goals

  • Make strong decisions, create powerful changes and take decisive action to achieve your goals

10 Outcomes

After coaching with me you'll have:

  1. Improved understanding and sense of yourself

  2. Closer, more meaningful relationships

  3. Strong sense of health and wellbeing

  4. Stable and consistent work-life balance

  5. Control over your anxiety and stress reaction; Calm and Peace

  6. Improved work performance

  7. Increased feeling of accomplishment

  8. Powerful and lasting sense of happiness

  9. More control in your life

  10. The change you've been waiting for

What Coaching Offers

Coaching is freedom! It is an opportunity for change. Coaching draws on your strengths and intuition to helps you develop action plans that produce positive changes in whatever areas of your life you choose.


Truthfully, most people, like you and me, will benefit from coaching because it is an effective way to learn how to make strong decisions, powerful changes and take decisive action to optimize life. Life coaching isn't necessarily about fixing something; it is more about taking charge of your life so that you can get from it what you truly want and deserve. 

Successful Climb to the Top


I'd love to find out what I can help you with. Call 905-749-3044 or email me for a free 30 minute consultation.

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